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Artist's Statement

     My investigation and exploration of art making has allowed me to examine the very conventions that define art itself.  I am curious about what qualities define a painting, which drives me to experiment with pigments, glass, and frame.  My freestanding creations exhibit my process of assembly in their complete physical form; however, the meaning behind each work is ever changing within the context of our perceived reality.  The things I make have no meaning, and all meaning.

     The distinction between the living world and creating art only exists if one makes this very distinction. Art and life are equivalent continuums of ideas becoming reality; the perceived object manifests multifarious ideas and emotions within the mind of each viewer.  These thoughts all hold the same weight, which means that everyone metaphysically contributes to my work in an essential way.

   Although I create the object, it is you that attaches intimate meaning to your sensed perception of reality.

-Alexander Jaewon King, D.O.